Alnus, s.r.o.

Procuction and delivery of luxury furniture and complete interier solutions: translation of web presentation of this company to Russian

Attl a spol. s.r.o. Továrna na stroje

Calenders, service instructions, catalogues, drawing documentations in ACAD and in PDF

BMC - TECH s.r.o.

Deliveries and service of industrial components, such as clutches, brakes, gear-boxes and so on: manuals on Mayr brakes, from English to Czech

BP Projekt, s.r.o.

Comprehensive services in preparing and realization of building: technical and drawing documentation, safety rules

ByaS Trade s.r.o.

Engineering anr projecting activities focused on building-up of big investment complexes: documentation for glass recycling projects, business correspondence, price offers, contracts

CINK Hydro - Energy k. s.

Producer of small hydro power plants: translation to Russian and English of mounting, operating, maintenance manuals, pre-projecting study, export documentation, business correspondence


Electro-technical equipment: full-scale technical documentation for electrotechnical equipment, commercial offers


Projecting, deliveries and service of industrial automation and industrial plants, including production and mounting of electric switchboards: technical description and technical conditions for electric plant "Polyarnaya", certificates of confirmity, specific certificates, calibration protocols, test protocols, technical reports, description of plant for water conditioning, description of technical solution of electric switchboards, business correspondence, …

COMPAS automatizace, spol. s r.o.

Automation of manufacturing technologies and production information systems: localization of software, interpreting

Crytur, s.r.o.

Development and production of monocrystals for technical applications: advertising material, commercial correspondence

Dialab® spol. s r.o.

Medical laboratory devices: manuals for laboratory devices (analysers of blood sugar, urine etc.)

Ekosystem, s.r.o.

Environmental and water management products: technical and drawing documentation for sewage plants, certificates, advertising material and so on

Envinet, s.r.o.

Nuclear energetics and industry: technical reports about treatment of nuclear waste, commercial correspondence, catalogue

FV Plast, a.s.

plastic pipes and fittings for water distribution: Constructional and Technical Certifications, express translation of business correspondence, from Czech to English

Grupo Antolin Turnov s.r.o.

Production of plastic, rubber and upholstery products for the automative industry: operational documentation

Imex Group, s.r.o.

Production, selling and repairs of guns: translation of manuals for arms

Inco Engineering, s.r.o.

Manufacturer and supplier of mining hoists and vertical transport equipment: translation of Russian safety rules for Mining

Ing. Hájek & Koucký, přístrojová technika

Specialists for machinery for preparation of spectrometric and laboratory samples: operating instructions, commercial correspondence

INTERSOFT - Automation s.r.o.

Industry automation: test protocols, declarations, translation of software texts

Lasvit, s.r.o.

Design and producer of lighting object: test protocols, manuals


Producer of equipment for bakery: business presentations, price offers, contracts of purchase, agreement of business representation, final accounts, profit and lost statements, …

LS Systém CZ s.r.o.

Supplier of building materials: interpretation during trade negotiations, business presentation, manuals

Magna Exteriors & Interiors (Bohemia) s.r.o.

Producer of plastic parts and sets for automative industry: complete documentation of special machine for drilling and sticking of automobile bumpers

MarkusTrading, s.r.o.

Machines and equipment for the glass industry: commercial presentations, localization of software, advertising material

MP Consulting Ing. Milan Oleríny

Services in the sphere of investment construction: documentation for realization of investment projects, terms and conditions FIDIC, documentation for selling municipal parcels, program and other documents for Study Tour of delegates from Tajikistan, …

MVM technik s.r.o.

Projecting and delivery of industrial equipment and technologies: oral translation of business meetings, description of technology of glass crushing and production of foam glass, price offers,general contract, supplements, business correspondence

Nano-gel, s.r.o.

Delivery of insulating material on the base of nano-technology: Russian safety datasheets, test protocols of protecting coating materials, business correspondence

NARETEC s.r.o.

Design and production of parts, instruments and equipment for automative industry: software texts, manuals, declarations, protocols, ...

Panochova nemocnice Turnov, s.r.o.

Hospital in Turnov: commercial presentations

Rakovnické tvářecí stroje s.r.o.

Producer of hydraulic presses and casting machines pro light alloys (owner of the trade mark TOS Rakovník ®): translation of the Company`s web-prezentation to Russian

Resim, s.r.o.

Control systems for the glass industry: web and commercial presentations, localization of software, advertising material, translation of the company web through the web-interface

Rizzo Associates Czech, a.s.

Projects for building industry and so called geo-sciences in the sphere of construction of dams, nuclear power stations and tunnels: translation of projects for computing evaluation of seismic proof of components of Ukrainian nuclear power plant, manual for Scia Engineer (projecting, calculation and evaluation of structures)

RP Climbing s.r.o.

Distributor of espadrilles and accessories for mount clibing: extensive promotional material, description of mount clibing shoes

SATES MORAVA spol. s r.o.

Highway, civil engineering and water building: sindicate contract, including supplements from Russian to Czech

Siemens Electric Machines s.r.o.

Production of LV and HV genterators, asynchronious and synchronious motors: technical documentation, manuals, Quality Insurance

Sklostroj, s.r.o.

Technology and equipment for the glass industry: presentations, manuals, commercial issues etc.

Sored Zlín s.r.o.

Delivery of metal-working machines for big Russian corporations: description of technology of bitumen oxidation (Bitumen Blowing and New Hot Oil Heater) from English to Russian

Stevenson and Associates Kancelář v České republice a. s.

Engineering and consulting service for nuclear power stations: extensive documentation of audit of an Ukrainian nuclear power station

Sulak Glass Working Machinery

Production of machines for processing of flat glass: manuals for machines for processing of flat glass

Svendborg Brakes A/S, Denmark

Braking systems for heavy industry: manuals and other technical documentation, catalogues, web-presentation, technical articles, commercial correspondence and so on

Technometra Český Brod s.r.o.

Producer of aircraft devices, gearboxes and job-order products: Technical and operational manuals for aircraft valves, from Russian to Czech


Modular buildings: commercial and web presentations, manuals, press releases ect.

TREVOS, a. s.

Producer of industrial and office luminaries: catalogue, web


Leading group in baking industry in the Czech Republic: business prezentations, description of production lines for baking industry and processing of meat, legends of business projects, business correspondence, …


Grafic studio and printing works: localization of the web-prezentation ATEA trading s.r.o.

Vodoprojekt, s.r.o.

Projects for water buildings: drawing documentation in ACAD