Language combinations

  • translation from Czech to Russian
  • translation from Russian to Czech
  • translation from English to Russian
  • translation from Russian to English
  • translation from English to Czech
  • translation from Czech to English
  • translation from Ukrainian to Czech
  • translation from Ukrainian to English

My specializations:

  • Machine-building and industry: glassmaking, calenders, braking systems, packing machines, manipulation with nuclear wastes, traction equipment, air-conditioning units, cooling towers, ventilating equipment, ...
  • Automation: control systems, weak current and heavy current equipment, wiring systems, sensors, ...
  • Energetics: nuclear power plants, hydroelectric power stations, small hydroelectric power sttations, equipment for "green" energy
  • Cell phones, navigation devices, monitoring of moving of persons and vehicles
  • Building industry: capital and modular buildings, soils improvement
  • Sewage plants, drinking water cleaners
  • Economics, commerce, marketing
  • Safety and hygiene at work
  • Automotive: autobuses, agricultural engineering, trucks
  • Localizations of web-presentations and SW

Translated documents

Instructions, manuals, datasheets and other technical documentation

  • Goods and services catalogues
  • Technical reports
  • Commercial, license and other types of agreements, technical and price offers
  • Commercial correspondence
  • Advertising and promotional material
  • Annual reports
  • Source code of web-presentations
  • Technical standards, declarations of conformity, ISO certificates: QMS, EMS etc., final reports of conformity assessment
  • Articles from periodicals
  • Corporate presentations
  • Drawings in AutoCAD and PDF, pictures in jpg and others formats

Translated File formats:

  • Documents: .doc, .rtf, .txt, .xls
  • Presentations in MS PowerPoint: .ppt
  • Drawings: .dwg, .pdf
  • Other pictures: .jpg, bmp, ...
  • Source code for web-presentations and software: .txt